About The Key Brand


Most people discover their hidden gifts when they are faced with opposition. That is exactly what happened to Aisha Savage-Key, founder and CEO of, The Key Brand.IMG_0474

Aisha S. Key is a woman of dreams, passion, and creativity. For years she worked in several totally different industries. They varied from education to banking. Needless to say, these occupations left little room for advancement and anesthetized her creativity. She was frustrated and knew she had to do something. Surprisingly, she quit her job and enrolled in graduate school at Full Sail University to build her portfolio. She was always interested in the field of Public Relations and now it was her opportunity to explore this professional field. This decision conceived The Key Brand. This site contains all projects worked on, helpful resource tips for those who are looking to build their brand, and inspiration for dreamers.

Aisha S. Key is a multi-talented individual. She has a business mind with a performance background. This dynamic produces most of her creativity. When it comes to successfully implementing branding strategies, compelling storytelling, and creative innovation The Key Brand exceeds the client’s expectations.

Aisha S. Key is a native of Alabama, who now resides in Meridian, Mississippi. She is a wife and a mom of a 2-year-old son. She believes that life is not worth living if you can not create.