Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 11.07.07 PMAs a Public Relations professional the latest and breaking industry news is pertinent to managing campaigns for clients and companies. Staying update on the latest trends is first priority. When creating content it is important to verify news sources. Having a tool that floods reliable online sources justifies your research. Otherwise, if your interests are to just keep up with favorite websites, blogs, or breaking news Anews is the app I recommend.


Anews promises to bring all the news and blogs right to your fingertips. It has generated topics that you choose. Based on the topics you choose it generates blogs and news that have similarities. Whether online or off you are able to save the feed and read later. Only your favorites appear in your news feed. As a bonus feature, The Anews app allows you to share the information to Twitter or copy link to post to other social networks.


PR Pros need organization. Being organized is key when planning a campaign, gathering information, researching data, and maintaining a productive workflow. IMG_0120The Anews app’s layout is seamless and organized. You pick your favorite topics, websites, or blogs and they display them with color tabs. My favorite feature is that you can see all of the categories on one page. All images and titles are visible. However all categories are divided by tabs.


Anews is a good app for PR pros to use. It maintains organization and only gives preferred information. On the other hand, along with the generated topics if you are able to plug in your own favorite websites and personal blogs this provides major improvement. In addition adding other social networks to share information directly from the app would helpful.


PR professionals if you are looking for a tool to help you be successful in doing your job IMG_0117more effectively, then this app will be worth the time. Of course, there are other news apps out there and it seems like they all are the same. I encourage you to explore it yourself against the others and let me know what you think.


My PR “Wish” App

Sidebar: The one challenge of a PR pro is producing content in a timely manner and mass communicating each brand. If I had the chance to have the ultimate PR app. This app would allow me to create mini videos, word documents, and image content with scheduled sharing capabilities to all social networks including my blog. This app would make the life of public relations professionals easier with all resources available at the tip of the fingers. This is my ultimate PR App and to my luck, it not created.

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