T.R.K. Ministries Build A Platform For The Book Drugs, Lust, and Hip Hop to Launch

Thomas R. Key, the CEO and Founder of T. R. K. Ministries partnered with The Key Brand to promote his new resource book Drugs, Lust, and Hip Hop. This presentation notates the organization’s founder’s background, the mission, values, goals, objectives,… Continue Reading

Freedom Rock’s 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt

This past Saturday, March 26, 2016, in Meridian, Mississippi, Freedom Rock Fellowship Church hosted its 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt. This event was full of excitement and laughter. Kids came with empty baskets in anticipation of finding as many eggs… Continue Reading

When Life Gives You Lemons: Learn 3 Tips on How to Make Lemonade

Aisha Key, CEO of The Key Brand, hosts an online Webinar. The title is When Life gives you Lemons learn how to make Lemonade. She proves from her experiences and research to bring a biblical perspective while instilling principles. Since… Continue Reading

Get To Know All About Video Marketing With HubSpot’s Webinar

Mark Klein representative from HubSpot hosts a webinar on Video Marketing entitled Harnessing The Power of Video and Inbound Marketing. Guest speakers are Kristen Craft, Marketing Representative and Max Kohl, Customer Happiness, from Wistia. The webinar teaches the importance of… Continue Reading


As a Public Relations professional the latest and breaking industry news is pertinent to managing campaigns for clients and companies. Staying update on the latest trends is first priority. When creating content it is important to verify news sources. Having… Continue Reading